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1st Win of 2009

Junction Motor Speedway 04/18/2009

NASCAR Late Models by GM Performance Parts

Opening Night at the Junction Misses the Storm

April 18, the opening night of McCool's regular season turned out to be quite a success. With races starting on time, clouds began to roll in from all directions of the sky. Fortunately, the final race of the night made it to completion while the thunder roared loudly.

The night began with the 4 Cylinder heat races. During the first heat, the zero of Rodney Nosker led every single lap of the ten-lap race. Second place position was held by 4T4 of Sheldon Sandall, until 6j of Jeremy Foos took it from him with one lap to go. The following heat of quad rods maintained their positions the whole way through the race as 61 of Charles "Chuck" Wergin crossed the finish in first.

The NAPA sponsored NASCAR Hobby Stocks had two heats as well, with the first heat naming Brent Kassik the winner and Jason Wilkinson taking second place. Heat 2 of Hobby Stocks had a lead change with four laps to go when the 71 car of Rocky Zimmerman passed Jerod Timmermans to win the heat.

The NAPA sponsored NASCAR Stock Cars ran two heats the first heat victor was the 5 car of Marty Steinbach and the 49x of Chad Sanders following him. The final heat was lead entirely by Shawn Primrose, while Justin Mohler driving the number 15 car, passed Randy Weaver (34) on the last lap to take second place.

Jon Thompson assumed the win for the first heat of the NASCAR Modifieds at JMS. He led the race every lap, and the 95 of Robert "Buzz" Wilson remained in his rearview all the way until the checkered flag. The second heat of Modifieds had many lead changes throughout the race, with the 1R of Matt Richards passing with six laps to go. Richards held on until the last lap when he was passed by Andy Wilkinson (15) for the win.

The NASCAR Late Model heats were won both by 28 of Bill Leighton, last year's Late Model point champion, and the 15 of Andy Wilkinson. Both drivers lead their races until the checkered flag dropped.

After intermission, the 4 Cylinders were the first of the features to head out on the track. Taking an immediate lead was Jerod Aspregren (3j) with 6j of Jeremy Foos stealing second place. These gentlemen held their positions as Aspregren took the night's first feature win at JMS for the 4 Cylinder front wheel drive class.

The NASCAR Stock Car class sponsored by NAPA , was led entirely by Shawn Primrose, driving the 1 car, with 49x of Chad Sanders maintaining second place until he was passed by Joldersma driving the 66 car who finished in second.

Brent Kassik driving the 21K for the NASCAR Hobby Stock division, assumed his first 2009 season win, returning this year as the 2008 Hobby points champion. Crossing the finish in second place was the 27 of Jason Wlkinson who had to work his way passed the 71 of Rocky Zimmerman who ended up in third.

What an exciting race the NASCAR Modifieds ran as 26, Styskal, held the lead for the first twelve laps until 31J of Jeremy Rasmussen passed him. With a lap to go, all three Rasmussen, Blochlinger (9), and Styskal were battling it out for the win with Thompson, 75 along with the mix. With a hard race ran, Blochlinger to the win with Rasmussen (31j) and Styskal (26) assuming the top three positions.

The final race of the night included a few flashes of light in the sky and some loud cracks of thunder as the 28 of Bill Leighton's NASCAR Late Model led the pace all 25 laps. Andrew Kosiski driving the 2x car finished in second, Lester Siebert (51) in third, and Andy Wilkinson which completed the top four.

Junction Motor Speedway appreciates all the fans, drivers, and crews that came out to get the season started for 2009 and hope they return with more friends next week as the JMS 2 man Cruiser Cars will be there for the show as well.