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May 9 Press ReleaseóMother's Day Weekend

by Junction Motor Speedway

The 4-Cylinder A-Feature was led entirely by the 15m of Mallet Meyer. Behind him for nearly all 20 laps was the 6J of Jeremy Foos who battled for his position with 15w (Cale Wiarda) and 00 Rodney Nosker throughout the race. Mallet Meyer worked hard for the win with Foos, Nosker, and Wiarda to cross the finish behind him in that order.

The JMS 2-Man Cruisers ran a 20 lap feature with Greg Ekeler and John Miller holding a strong lead right from the first lap. Brent Kassik and John Miller (99) worked their way up to second place by passing Ken and Drew Barry driving the 77 Cruiser. Ekeler and Miller (42b) ended up with the checkered flag with Brent Kassik and John miller taking runner-up.

In the NASCAR Hobby Stock Class by NAPA , Jason Wilkinson took held a strong lead all twelve laps. The 21K of Brent Kassik and the 15x of Shane Schneider moved their way past Zack Reicks with three laps to go. They all held their positions to the cross the checkered and 27 (Wilkinson) took home the victory.

The NASCAR Stock Cars by NAPA ran an aggressive feature with the 77 of Cory Dumpert passing Jason Wilkinson (52) for first place with 6 laps left in the race. Brant Beam maintained his third place position with the 15s of Herb Slough completing the top four.

Mike Lineberry (72) designated the lead for the first few laps of the NASCAR Modified A-Feature. On lap 17, the 95 of Buzz Wilson and the 9 of Brandon Blochlinger were able to move their way up to the top two positions in the feature. Buzz Wilson held his lead while Jon Thompson and Brandon Blochlinger battled many laps for second place. With the white flag waving, Blochlinger forged ahead and gave it one last shot; on the last stretch of the race, bumper to bumper with Wilson , he was able to take the win!

What an exciting night for Tom Svoboda driving the 16 Crate Late Model. He maintained first place and went through lap traffic to take the checkered flag. Along with his win he received a $200 contingency check given by GM Performance Parts for being the highest finishing crate late model of the night. The 00 of Clint Benson and the 28 of Bill Leighton assumed the top three for the feature.